kick in the pants needed

I would have guessed perhaps my mother and sister were the only two who kept up with this blog, but I’m humbled to find there are more than just two people who are waiting for updates and new blogs.  There’s also my wife, so that makes three.

It’s a lot easier to blog when there’s constant excitement and I had planned to blog throughout my entire tommy john recovery, but I found that typing with one hand was much more difficult and tiring than I had anticipated. So, the kick in the pants I apparently need is some material to blog about.  Quite a few people have wondered how rehab has gone, am I throwing? what’s in store for baseball? etc., so I’ll do my best, albeit briefly, to bring you up to speed.

Surgery was an amazing success and I am back to throwing and very soon will be ready to officially play ball again.  I feel stronger than before, my body is healthier, mentally I feel I am ready, and I’ve had fun learning how to control the new movement I have on my pitches.  Most of my rehab started out throwing overhand, but more recently I’ve worked back in the submarine delivery and more importantly a lot more sidearm, which I am pretty excited about.

Here are some elbow pics –


During Surgery:

Day After Surgery:

Early/Mid June 2011:

Day Stitches Came Out: (end of June, I think):

August 2011:

Today, May 8, 2011:

Until I have more than just working out, throwing, and rehab exercises to talk about I’m thinking about bringing back some older posts I’ve written – unless you can come up with some good things for me to blog about, look for some Batman, poopsticks, and shower shoes to make their appearances soon.


  1. Ruth Brennaman

    Ah, yes, the poopstick story! The story that made my son, my somewhat intoxicated son, my son with a plunger to be autographed, the happiest guy at a game in Omaha!! The plunger guy, and I assume the plunger too, is alive and well, and now living in Atlanta. So happy your TJ surgery went well. Sure wish we would have gotten to see you pitch in KC. We really could use you here right now!!! Take care and keep blogging!! Looking forward to the next one. See, you have at least 4 people who read you blogs and follows you on twitter. Farawaymom in KC (The Plunger Guy’s mom)

  2. Jonathan Mayo

    Dear pitcher formerly known as Disco,

    I take great offense at the opening lines in this blog post. For you to think that only those members of your family care about your blog and your well-being is patently unfair. There are those of us who may have forgotten to check to see if there was something new, like one stops looking in a cobweb-filled cupboard for food, but who are nonetheless thrilled to see you back here. You say you need to bring back old stories, but I should point out that those stories, the best ones you use, are not baseball-related. Surely, there are other things in your life non-rehab related that you could talk about?


    The idiot who asked you to write this blog in the first place.

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