1. juliasrants

    Chris – the problem is wide spread and not clear cut, just like you stated. Eat a poppy seed bagel – you’ll fail a drug test. And that is the problem – innocent people do get caught up in this mess and I don’t know the answer around it. And the shame of it all is this problem has been made worse by guys who cheat and take drugs to get ahead. Society has gotten caught up in a “zero tolerance” policy. You have kids in schools getting suspended for giving a friend a cough drop. And under that same policy – a guy like you who needs some allergy medicine is caught between a rock and a hard place. You sound like a young man who has his priorities straight – I hope you always have the guidance necessary to make your way safely through this PED land mind. Good luck! I’ll be pulling for you!


  2. minda09

    Thanks for highlighting some of the more “grey” parts of the steroid argument. Those kinds of things – the Vitamin Water and all the other innocuous things that can result in a positive steroid test – are things we NEVER hear about when national talking heads preach about how steroids are destroying our National Innocence.

    By the way…You are not a pitcher who happens to blog. You are both a talented pitcher AND a talented writer, which is rare.

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