Big Leagues to Bean Bags

Today I threw for the “Bean Bags”.  28% of that makes no sense to me.  Ha.  I just made myself laugh writing that.  If you didn’t chuckle, you should read my blog more frequently.  It’s the best thing going right now on the Internet aside from that laughing baby on YouTube.

The Bean Bags is the name given to one of the teams that forms an extra group of players in our minor league camp.  They play the Bomb Squad every day.  Each day instead of having a group of players on the bench in a AAA, AA, or A-ball game, we create an extra game typically with younger players.  So on Tuesday, I was living out a dream of pitching in the Bigs, by Friday, I’m getting work in for the Bags.

I was excited despite the surroundings being less sexy and there being no prospect of Wilbert Harrison serenading us after the win, it was still a blast to throw.  Once the catcher starts giving signs, it’s still the same game wherever you’re standing.  Some days pitching seems like the hardest thing in the world.  Other
times it’s completely simple and reaffirms why you spend so much time
and effort playing baseball. I’m grateful today was one of those days for many reasons.

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