1 Minute Monday, April 20th

so i threw four innings the other day and for a reliever, i should be too sore to even write today.  but thankfully i throw more like a girls softball pitcher than a boys baseball pitcher, so here i am on monday, not to disappoint

while i was in the bullpen the other day i had a kid come up to me and ask, “how do you get in there?” and i couldnt’ decide if he meant it literally or in the career baseball sense,  assuming he meant the latter, i think i’m going to do a 10 part series to answer his questi


I love 1-minute Mondays!! (Although, I must say…Wifely Wednesdays seem like a pretty great thing too. Or whatever they’ll eventually be called.)

Some of those girl’s who throw fast pitch softball might not like your comparison! Glad the arm is feeling good.


Hmm…honestly, I would think he would be wondering literally how to get into the bullpen…he’s probably wondering if there are any secret tunnels to getting in there….are there?

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