Dear [your name here],

I hope things are going well with you.  I recently came across this one minor league player’s blog and the thing is hilarious.  Seriously it’s the funniest thing online right now.  I know I’m prone for superlatives, but I beg you to read his blog.  I check it every few days and he has a gem on there a few times per week.  I value his blog very much.  He probably spends a few hours per post refining his humor and wit to previously unseen levels.  That being said, I do not value our friendship enough to take more than a few seconds to introduce the author or his blog to you.  His bio (which he just updated as of 5/21/2009) can be found at: and the link to the actual blog where you can find his most recent blog posts is at:

Though you may know me well enough to know that I spend hours a day at my desk doing nothing but playing TextTwist on Yahoo! Games, I’m going to go ahead and say I was too busy to send you any introduction of my own.  We have become friends over the years because we share the same levels of apathy and general laziness, so, once you’ve read and become an obsessive follower of his blog and want to send it to your friends, I suggest you do the same as I have done here.

Disco actually wrote this email on his blog so that I wouldn’t have to write you anything at all.  Just bookmark this link ( I emailed to you.  You know what, that’s too long.  Just go ahead and use as the link.  All you have to do is enter a friend’s email address and then for the body of the email, it’s a simple Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and “Send” your way to sharing something brilliant in only 3 clicks.  I used to actually write personalized emails to people about his blog, but this way is so, so much easier and allows for an even greater level of laziness.

Just 10 seconds ago I wanted to let you know about his blog, and all I had to do was write an email with no text, just “” thanks to Disco.  He is genius.

Your friend and Disco Fan
[My name here]

Again, visit to read his blog.


  1. txag08

    I do spend quite a lot of time sitting here playing games and checking your blog for updates. I recently started trying to memorize all of the elements, and after I got that down, I was going to try to memorize them in order. Thanks for pointing me to a new game, though, and saving me from that; this is great!

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