Fan Mail Friday, July 17th

What is a typical week like for you?  Has your schedule changed since your promotion to Omaha?
Thomas E., Grandview, KS

A typical week will usually consist of a game every day (yes, that’s right … if you don’t believe me, check out or schedule coming up where we play 52 games with only one off day after the All Star Break).  We probably have, on average, one day game out of those seven in a given week.  So the typical day is a game at 7pm.  I usually get to bed around 1am and wake up around 10am.  I will eat some breakfast and then head to the gym with Mrs. Disco.  We get home around 11:30am or noon and then eat lunch and leave for the field at 2pm.

Pitchers typically stretch and throw around 3:30pm and then batting practice will run from 4pm to 5pm.  I get something to eat and work on my pitching logs and charts and then shower and get ready for the game.  If the game ends at 10pm, I’ll get home probably around 11:30pm and get some sort of snack and hang out for an hour before bed.  Then, we wake up the next morning and do it again.

The difference between the lower levels of the minors and Triple-A is with the travel.  Triple-A is the only minor league level that you fly to the different cities.  With our games finishing so late at night (and the potential for extra innings or just a really long game) we always fly out early in the mornings.  Unfortunately in the PCL, there are no direct flights from one city to another, so we usually take a 6am flight, connect and then get in to the next city around noon.  We do this twice a week which leaves little to no time on those travel days for any relaxing.  In the lower levels of the Minors (and eventually in the Majors), the travel is typically done at night.  This has it’s good and bad sides.  On the bad side, it’s difficult to sleep while traveling (unless you read my post about how to travel in the minors, which will be coming shortly, I promise…sorry to keep you all waiting on Step 3 of my 10 Step Process to becoming a minor league reliever), but on the up side, it leaves more mornings free because the travel has been completed come morning.

I’m sure everyone wants to know about this from a blogging angle, and as you have seen, it doesn’t leave much time for anything let alone anything AND maintaining an extraordinary blog.  Let’s say we play six night games and one day game.  With two travel mornings, that leaves four mornings “free” in which I get about two hours to myself (and Mrs. Disco) and three mornings that essentially don’t exist.  Of those four free mornings, I tape two radio shows.  One is 1190AM in Fayetteville, AR and the show airs live every Tuesday from 11-11:30am CT.  Unfortunately for you viewers, that show is not broadcast online, so you’re just going to have to move to the 72701 to hear it.  The second show I often tape ahead of time, but it plays at 9am CT on Saturdays on Sports Radio 620 in Syracuse and can be found here online.  The host is a broadcaster I got to know well when we were both employees of the Windy City Thunderbolts in 2005.  He basically plays “Stump Disco” for 10 minutes with me, asking off-the-wall questions about wacky sports news in the past week.  It makes for some good laughs and will give you an inside look into how un-funny I can be when I don’t have hours to edit and re-edit written jokes and have to actually think on my feet.

Can I have a ball?
Jimmy R., Omaha, NE

No, sorry buddy, we need these to warm up, if we get a foul ball we can … wait … How did you get through my spam filter, Jimmy?

If my quick baseballcube search is correct, for the first time in your career, you will have a teammate named Mitch with the O-Royals.  Aside from teammates and question-askers, give me your top 8 Mitch’s of all time.
Mitch S., South Boston, MA

1.  Mitch Hedberg
2.  Mitch Cumstein (Caddyshack)
3.  Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams
4.  Mitch Martin (Old School)
5.  Mitch Richmond
6.  Mitch Mitchell (Hendrix’s Drummer)
7.  Mitch Albom
8.  Hurricane Mitch
9.  Thank goodness you didn’t ask for 9, I was reaching to get to 8

Just stumbled across your blog.  I didn’t even know that had a blog section.   But cool stuff man, I was reading your wife’s post about how CRAZY life gets in the minors…that’s what I figured would happen.  You should monetize your blog.  I just started my own a few months back, but it’s more about me getting drunk and picking up chicks.
Remember the Baseball World videos?? With Fred McGriff saying “this is the video that gets results” and wearing that ridiculous hat raised up high on his head.  I was thinking about trying to get some minor/major league guys together to produce a modern version.  Let me know what you think.
Scuba Steve

Dude, or should I call you Scuba?  Or Self? … that is, assuming the acronym and the fact we are on less than first name basis here if you referred to me as “Dude”.  Also, Apparatus, I would like to apologize for putting your full name on here, I usually like to keep it to first name and then first letter of last name for privacy reasons, but with a name like Scuba Steve, I have to imagine your privacy was already breached.  Also, Breathing, if I may call you that, with a name as cool as Scuba Steve, it would be a disservice to the rest of my readers to keep them wondering if it was Scuba Sam writing instead of the real Scuba Steve.  You failed to include your whereabouts unless you figured the “Underwater” was implied and sufficient.

Contained, I have been pondering this question since May 5th when you wrote in.  The question leaves me a lot of leeway for a very funny and creative answer, which I greatly appreciated.  But, about a year ago, I was exposed to a video that answered your question before you even asked it, and I don’t think I could be more creative or funny than these guys.  So without further ado, I wish I could claim this video (that perhaps many of you have already seen) giving step by step instructions on how to become an NAIA baseball player.

This recent New York Post article that was brought to my attention by my friend Jason Benetti in our radio show we taped for this weekend also seems apropos.

I hope the submarine drinking and dating scene are treating you well.


  1. redlegs919

    so you’re from chicago, play in omaha for a kansas city affiliate, yet somehow you can’t seem to get away from all these submariner, nautical references. makes about as much sense as a screen door in a . . . oh, wait. shoot.

    on another note, i take issue with your inclusion of hurricane mitch in greatest all time mitches. hurricane mitch blew. and you KNOW this . . . man!


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