1 Minute Monday, September 7th

Last day of the season and this one has particularly gone by quickly.  well not htis day, this season I meant.  This day is actually just beginning (it’s actually late Sunday Night) but I’m posting because I will be busy all day tomorrow. We have a day game for labor day and then have a flight back to Omaha which we will leave for directly from the field.

Threw tonight and blew a save to send us into 15 innings which was terrible, but I guess on the bright side, I did strike out the side for the first time….ever that i can re


  1. brierv@gmail.com

    Disco, I’d just like to say, I should be studying for the GRE but instead flipped back through some of your old posts. I’ve learned at least 3 new vocab words! Thanks for helping me achieve my dreams.

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