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The Wife Takes A Poll

Alright, in all honesty I really don’t have anything funny to write about today (or last week for that matter) so I am just going to ramble for a bit and then take a poll.

I’ll give you an update to my last entry about how our plans always get ruined… Unfortunately no plans have been interrupted yet… but I HAVE made progress in getting more settled and I finished ironing all of the wrinkled clothes that were in our suitcases…. so hopefully soon we’ll be stressing out while trying to pack everything in a frenzy to head to Kansas City. Or Omaha. I guess we’ll take either.

You know how I mentioned Arkansas is located in tornado alley, right? Well, we’ve had a couple tornado watches and warnings already and I am unavoidably obsessed with tornado safety right now. Did you know you are NOT supposed to climb up into an overpass if a tornado is coming your way??? Apparently it creates more suction and can rip limbs off if you’re unlucky.  And just so you know, if the tornado is completely unavoidable, lying in a ditch is your best bet because the wind velocity is closer to zero the lower to the ground you are. (So I’ve been reading, anyway). 

If it’s not sunny (it hasn’t been since getting here), I am scouring the sky looking for funnel looking clouds and being heighteningly aware of any ditches in the surrounding areas. I know precisely where all good ditches are between our house and the field. I was in the mall last week when tornado sirens started going off and someone came over the loud speaker telling everyone to stay in the mall because a tornado like clouds with rotation were been spotted directly over us. Luckily, we didn’t spot one, but that same storm passing through MO sucked an older couple from their home and threw them in a field nearby!  Oh… well, actually that was a different storm – the one where the Naturals had to evacuate their hotel rooms in Springfield because of a tornado two blocks away.  Anyway, enough tornado obsessing and on to my poll. 

Okay, here’s some info leading up to it – this Saturday, the NWA Naturals are opening the stadium up to the public as camping grounds for fans to stay over night.  Families bring their tents and sleeping bags and after the game everyone runs on the field to secure their spots. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? 

So, here’s my poll.  Should Chris and I pitch a tent at Arvest Ballpark this Saturday night?

Now, here are some pros and cons.

Pros (Basically reasons I want to go):

 1. This is a great opportunity to break Chris into camping while having the option to use modern facilities instead of a bush and without freezing or worrying about bears.

Chris has never been camping! EVER! He grew up in the city,
whereas I grew up in a small town and love camping. The only problem is
that it’s really only fun to camp when it’s nice weather, but Chris
works when it’s warm out and you’re not going to catch either of us
camping in Chicago November through January, that’s for sure.

2. The guys have an off-day on Sunday, so we don’t have to worry about rushing home just to get ready to come back to the field.

3. We’ll finally have the chance to do something fun besides go shopping with no money, playing Catan, or writing our books.

Cons (Chris’s reasoning):

1. He’s so famous that he’ll be signing autographs all night and not get to enjoy my company. (Solution: bring him a disguise. Seriously, no one is going to recognize him without his uniform on anyways, right??)

2. They’re probably going to kick everyone out at 8 o’clock in the morning, which will completely interrupt his nine hours of consistent sleep schedule. (Solution: Ask the grounds crew to allow Mr. & Mrs. Disco to sleep in until 10AM.)

3. He’s just so famous that kids are going to be knocking on our tent all night asking for autographs and we won’t get any sleep (also see #2).

Secretly I think he’s afraid to try something new, so I decided to put the poll out there to see what you guys think. (Maybe you’ll help my case of doing something fun for a change!)

So… camping or no camping? And give me some reasons.

You can post a comment here or write to “fanmail@discohayes.com”  if you don’t want to create a username and password.

**** Update by the Mrs. – I definitely prefer a nice hotel room with air conditioning, a fancy shower head, and a comfortable bed any day… but when do you ever get the opportunity to camp in a baseball stadium?? So, it’s not like I’m saying let’s go rough it in monsoon like storms with grizzlies and monster sized bugs.  I’m with the girlie girls who like their hotels… but if you were going to break your husband into camping, perhaps his only time to camp… EVER… you’d have to admit, this is a pretty easy time, wouldn’t you think? ****