1 Minute Monday, March 16th

Spring training is finally in full swing.   games have started. today we played canada.  or at least a team representing the country.  we won.  tomorrow is the first time i throw in a real game and i believe we play the rangers.  we play them about 20 times during camp because we share teh complex with them.  a thought that has been with me all day: do you signal when you drive througha  roundabout?  there’s one near our house and i’m always so confused on what to do


Roundabout! Here in New England we call them rotaries and I don’t signal until I’m exiting the rotary. Good luck pitching today!


Haha, rotaries I’m a New Englander too, I hate rotaries, I usually signal just out of habbit, but 99% of drivers don’t, but then again everyone else in the U.S has a special name for drivers in New England

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