1 Minute Monday, March 23rd

Oh boy this one’s gonna be tough to fit in to one minute.  Got my first call-up to back up a big league game today.  that means if the big league game goes in to extras or any of our pitchers gets hurt or has a high pitch count, some poor minor league guy with a number above 70 and no name on his back comes in to clean up the innings.  i was that guy today!  but i didn’t get in.  sounds like i will have the opportunity again tomorrow, so i can’t wait.  it’s fun to just 


Hope you get in tomorrow! I’d be eager to see that poor minor league guy with a number above 70 come in and pitch.

I’m rooting for you! We all love guys with a number higher then 70 & no name on the back to be in games! Good luck!


Congrats!! Hope you get in the game today.

Congrats on your one batter faced today!!! Way to go!

Congratulations, Chris. Denny Matthews gave you a save! Good luck this season.

Wow, that must have felt great! Hope to watch you in KC sometime soon…


When I saw your line in the SF Chron this morning, it made my day. Let’s hope “Disco” Hayes is not the Moonlight Graham of some 2050 movie about baseball.

I just stumbled upon this blog! (sounds like an old WC Fields line – “the other day i stumbled on a drink called bourbon, and i have been stumbling eversinsce”) My wife and I were big Chris Hayes fans during the 2006 and 2007 seasons in Burlington. We wish you the best. We will follow the blog through the summer.

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