1 Minute Monday, March 23rd

Oh boy this one’s gonna be tough to fit in to one minute.  Got my first call-up to back up a big league game today.  that means if the big league game goes in to extras or any of our pitchers gets hurt or has a high pitch count, some poor minor league guy with a number above 70 and no name on his back comes in to clean up the innings.  i was that guy today!  but i didn’t get in.  sounds like i will have the opportunity again tomorrow, so i can’t wait.  it’s fun to just 


  1. jima62@hotmail.com


    When I saw your line in the SF Chron this morning, it made my day. Let’s hope “Disco” Hayes is not the Moonlight Graham of some 2050 movie about baseball.

  2. stanmanthe

    I just stumbled upon this blog! (sounds like an old WC Fields line – “the other day i stumbled on a drink called bourbon, and i have been stumbling eversinsce”) My wife and I were big Chris Hayes fans during the 2006 and 2007 seasons in Burlington. We wish you the best. We will follow the blog through the summer.

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