Manny Cheating Many

I’m writing this not as a baseball player, but as a baseball fan.  As a fan, I feel cheated.  And I don’t think I’m the only one.  The Dodgers, with their best record in baseball, must feel cheated.  The Dodgers fans must as well.  Every pitcher (raise your hands guys, there’s plenty of you) who have given up Home Runs and hits to the guy must feel cheated.

There are so many people who have been cheated by this, and worst of all, it’s got to be the kids who look up to Manny.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think of the example all this PED nonsense is setting for kids.  Manny is going to “lose” $8M, but he’s still going to make $38M.  Take a poll of kids and ask if they had to take steroids and get caught, would they do it for $38M?  I bet they’re not going to care it may cost them the Hall of Fame; they become superstars and millionaires.  I sincerely hope it’s not, but that has to run through a kid’s head.  How do you change their mind?  You can tell them anything you want, but actions and millions speak louder than words.

I feel cheated and these allegations make me sad as a baseball fan.


  1. juliasrants

    Chris – thank you for saying this. As a parent, this nonsense/cheating/drug use that is going on in not just baseball but in too many other segments of our society is really hard to explain. My boys are teenagers – and you are right; actions speak so much louder then words. And I don’t like saying this – but as more and more of these stories come out, I’m really glad that my boys aren’t “all that” into sports. My 14 year-old’s hero? The scientist Stephen Hawkins. And as a mom – I’m glad to hear that.

    I am a Red Sox fan – and all the stories around the blog-o-sphere here and in general about how our World Series in 2004 & 2007 shouldn’t count; the accusations that the only reason we won is that there had to be a lot of other players on the team who were using since they are “sure that Manny was then” is enough to make me sick. A lot of players who play clean are being tainted because of this; I think the Manny’s of the world need to think about what they are doing to the their teammates as well as to the fans and this game that we all love.

    Good luck Chris; players like you are the ones who will save this game.



    I couldn’t agree with you more, Disco. Great point, that even though he is “losing” $8M, he’ll still be making $30M, and that isn’t counting endorsements – and let’s get serious, I don’t see any endorsements running away from Manny for this – nothing happened to A.Rod. It was another sad day for baseball yesterday. That is for sure.

  3. petecarroll

    I couldent agree more with you, all these kids will see is the money. With the exepction of two heavy hitters most of all the recent big hitters have been using and still got rich and famous so why would kids not want to do it if the final result is still getting rich and veiwed on espn all day

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