1 Minute Monday, June 15th

A lot of firsts this monday.  first flight with a pro team.  first travel in AAA hence the first flight.  first time i can remember going through securtiy without my trusty backoack.  first time ever on a plane with a tucked in dress shirt.  wore somthing called “slacks” which are like pants.

Mrs. disco was able to find a ticket to new orleans that happened to be the same flight so we got to travel together.  she got bumped from second leg of trip, so i had to carry my glove instead of hiding it in her bag which caused for a lot of “rookie” comments from teammat


  1. jmgwxman

    I hear Omaha is a nice spot. I bet Mrs. Disco will have fun exploring. If you keep up your performance, you may make a september call up! KC is a lot of fun!

  2. hayenga@visiongate3d.com

    Go Chris go…. all the way to KC.
    Love your story and the blog.

    Jon Hayenga (Keaton’s Dad)

  3. whit@dogfishhead.net

    I knew Obama was going to have a positive effect on this fine nation. Congrats Chris, I’m glad the two of you could get it done together

  4. mas5588

    So I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I must say, it has severely impacted my ability to get work done. My coworkers were wondering what was wrong with me when I got to the big wheel incident. I hope I don’t get fired because of the Discos.

    I’m a little worried that the callup to Omaha (be sure to check out the neighboring zoo) will result in less posts because of how “big-time” you guys are now. I’m having trouble accepting no Wed=Wife yesterday…

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