1 Minute Monday, July 27th

Giving up inherited runs is one of the worst feelings.  Especially when it’s in the 9th inning and your starter threw amazingly well and you end up losing his opportuinty for a win.  It’s a sinking feeling when the runs score and you’re standing out on the mound.  Right about now, I feel about as valuable as Mel Kiper the day after the NFL draft.  Relief PItching can be a


  1. jmgwxman

    No worries Chris. If you didn’t care, then there would be worry for concern. Besides, tomorrow is another game, another chance. Not that you need us to tell you that.

  2. redlegs919

    take heart, disco — you’re much more valuable than mel kiper, jr., either pre OR post-draft.

    baseball’s a funny game, ain’t it? next time, throw one up and in at the bull mascot first.

    you’re still the best submarining pitcher, nicknamed for a music genere, in Royals’ organizational history. sometimes you win. sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains. remember that.

    jonathan g.
    cincinnati, ohio

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