1 Minute Monday, September 14th

Don’t worry…Don’t panic.  I’m not going to stop blogging.  I simply haven’t picked up my laptop since the season eneded last monday.  That’s no exaggeration.  I honestly haven’t cracked my laptop.  That, without a doubt, is the longest stretch of my life without a computer since we first got that Apple IIGS back in the day.  So I will be on here and will be posting during the off season I just haven’t been 


Now that the regular season is over, as the Unofficial Disco Hayes Graphic Designer? (only YOU can make it official), I have created a handy graphic showing people how to do a new dance –
“The Disco Hayes” – also called the “Hayes-tusi”.


I felt that a guy called disco should have his own dance, right?

Anyway, enjoy it and have a great off season!

Chris M.

Look forward to the off-season ramblings!


I was panicking. I admit it.
Here’s wishing your life gets some semblance of order and calm (at whatever level you need it to be so that you crack open the laptop on a regular basis) so that I can feed my addiction.

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