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Best Blog Post of All-Time

OK, you diehards and RSS subscribers are probably aware I posted the following blog this afternoon and then took it off.  The reason was, I used a site to create the poll and missed the fine print that said after 10 votes, anyone trying to submit their results would receive an error message.  After 8 minutes the polling was closed and caused a lot of readers to get error messages.  I’m sorry I overlooked this and to be honest just wasn’t even thinking.  I had the option to upgrade for $39.95, but this seems frivolous.  So I will create my own poll some way or another, in the meantime, I’ll give you the 10 options and we can conduct voting in the near future.  Thanks for your eager responses, I’m excited to get your feedback, and again, apologize for the inconvenience.  Now, read up and get ready to rank the posts shortly.

We all know mlblogs.mlblogs.com loves ranking our blogs.  And after an appearance on the Big Lead, some fans have called my blog “one of the top 5 sports blogs on the internet” (I would like to see which blogs off the internet are better than mine, but that’s for another time).

Everyone seems to like ranking me, so I decided to get in on the game.  Instead, this time, all of the options are going to be my blogs, so no matter what, Disco is going to win.  I can’t buy a break with the external comparisons, so I’m keeping it in the blog to ensure I get a win.

It’s been almost exactly six months since my first post on this blog, so I figure it’s time to take a look back at the best of the best from the first six months.  I hope you guys have enjoyed the posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

True Disco Fans who have been here from the start know how amazing all of my posts have been and know every word I’ve written has been pure gold, so I had to make the rankings go from 1 to 11.  Spinal Tap quotes aside, let’s try to put down some guidelines for your rankings to get some well distributed results.

1 – You can’t read or are lacking several lobes in the brain that form a sense of humor
3 – Your finger slipped on your track wheel
5 – You didn’t get it
7 – You read the post more than ten times and regularly quote it to friends
9 – The post made your month
11 – Your favorite post all-time

Oh yeah, also I’m doing this as shameless self-promotion.  There have been a lot of new fans to the blog (my traffic spiked ten-fold over average on Monday after the Big Lead feature) and I figure this will help them get an idea of some of the more popular posts they should start with.  I like to think there’s a pretty decent variety of entries in my blog over time and would love if a new fan went through all the posts, but these create a good starting sample.

I’m excited to hear what you guys have enjoyed the most and hope you enjoy getting to know the blog or reminiscing good times depending on how long you’ve been a reader.

Here’s the links to the 10 options: