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1 Minute Monday, July 27th

Giving up inherited runs is one of the worst feelings.  Especially when it’s in the 9th inning and your starter threw amazingly well and you end up losing his opportuinty for a win.  It’s a sinking feeling when the runs score and you’re standing out on the mound.  Right about now, I feel about as valuable as Mel Kiper the day after the NFL draft.  Relief PItching can be a

1 Minute Monday, July 20th

Showed up to the field today and found a brand new pair of nike running shoes in my locker.  After a little detective work, I found out they were from Bruce Chen.  When he was here in Omaha earlier in the hyear he had asked my shoe size and I wondered why.  now 2 months later he’s in Kansas City and I have a brand new pair of shoes.  So nice of him,  I was smiling all day.

threw2 much better tonight too which was nice, so a greatmonday all around!

1 Minute Monday, June 29th

My hair had gotten too long and I wanted to make it shorter.  You see, we have been on the road for…well…ever it seems.  Yesterday was only my third home game in the entire month of june.  And hair cuts are expensive, so I just hadn’t gotten one in a few months.  I usually have Mrs. Disco cut it, but it’s hard to do on the road and we didn’t have the clippers anyway.  So today I decided to cut it myself.  but I was only half way done when i realize

1 Minute Monday, June 22nd

Had an “off” day today in which we traveled from Albuquerque to Memphis.  Spent most of the day in the airport which was a bit frustrating, but by the end of the night, it turned out to a nice off day.

We arrived in Memphis and Sidney Ponson, who is rehabbing with us, invited everyone on our team out to dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse in town.  It was the best meal I’ve ha

1 Minute Monday, June 15th

A lot of firsts this monday.  first flight with a pro team.  first travel in AAA hence the first flight.  first time i can remember going through securtiy without my trusty backoack.  first time ever on a plane with a tucked in dress shirt.  wore somthing called “slacks” which are like pants.

Mrs. disco was able to find a ticket to new orleans that happened to be the same flight so we got to travel together.  she got bumped from second leg of trip, so i had to carry my glove instead of hiding it in her bag which caused for a lot of “rookie” comments from teammat

1 Minute Monday, June 8th

Phew thank goodness the donut debacle is over….well, kind of.  the harvard guys have taken over my blog and held it ransom until further research is done on the efficacy of the distribution in parctice.  or so they claim on my comments (highest output of comments on any blog so far, so that’s a good sign i gues…i’m coming to get you Reed!)  I have a hilarious twist in the donut story I can’t get into enough detail in a min, but expect more in the nex

1 Minute Monday, June 1st

i’m typing on msr. disco’s computer tonight because mine is already b[packed for the upcoming road trip.  she has a mac, so this post will probably be cooler than the others and probably take some getting used to.  at least if my experience is any indication of yours, that will be the case

we leave for midland and frisco tonight at 2am after outr game finished at 10.  so tracy and i rushed home so i could get some non-bus-floor hours of sleep and now we are getting ready to head back to the field

1 Minute Monday, May 25th

Happy memorial day to all.  had a double header today and split.  pitched 3 innings and it was ugly.  was able to manage the damage, but i was all over the place.  i had walked 1 guy unintentionally all year and today i walked 2.  oh well, some days are like that.

brushed my teeth with sunglasses on today and it was a wonderful experience.  if you ever get the chance, go for it, cause think about  it you probably never have before.  i don’t know

1 Minute Monday, May 18th

So much to say, so little time….drug test today which is always fun.  These guys meant business too.  pants to the knees, shirt to the shoulders, nothing to hide.  weeeee.  literally, i guess.  Then i got to pitch, which is always fun.  and we won.  after the game we celebrated by one of our players accepting a dare for $100.  the dare was to put a wad of hair that had clogged in the shower drain in his mouth (and it was proposed while the wad was getting peed on).  and then he

1 Minute Monday, May 11th

hope all the moms had a happy mothers day.  a special happy mothers day to my mom of course.

i’ve joined twitter after some requests by fans to do so.  i don’t know if i’ll be clever in chunks of 140 characters or less, but might be worth checking out for a week or so.  isn’t that how long people actually use twitter after they sign up anyway?  @discohayes if you want to check it out…

Why the heck hasn’t mlblogs.mlblogs.com updated it’s ranking of the pro blogs!? I’ve got to be moving up, i mean john bale is reahabinng with us and said HE read one of my blogs, so i ha