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1 Minute Monday, April 27th

today was the fake-out kinda day where it looks like you’re gonna get rained out and then all of a sudden the skies open up and you get to play the game.  so we spend the afternoon in the clubhouse while it’s raining outside playing cards and studying other teams’ hitters and watching tv and then all of a sudden the game starts.  its a weird experience when you are mid thought on whether or not dwight howard has to use a thicker pillow than the average guy if he sleeps on his side, they come in and say the game is on

1 Minute Monday, April 20th

so i threw four innings the other day and for a reliever, i should be too sore to even write today.  but thankfully i throw more like a girls softball pitcher than a boys baseball pitcher, so here i am on monday, not to disappoint

while i was in the bullpen the other day i had a kid come up to me and ask, “how do you get in there?” and i couldnt’ decide if he meant it literally or in the career baseball sense,  assuming he meant the latter, i think i’m going to do a 10 part series to answer his questi

1 Minute Monday, April 13th

Hope everyone had a great easter.  I had a very very nice one, my wife surprised me in Corpus Christi so we could spend it together.  she wasn’t planning on coming down cause it’s so far, but it was really a nice surprise to find her here!  Sad news in baseball today with kalas and fidrych passing away.  growing up in detroit and being around baseball i’ve heard wuite a bit about fidrych and you have to lov e aguy who makes it that much fun to be a fan.  one more day her ein corups and then the long

1 Minute Monday, April 6th

A cat peed on our bed today.  just below my pillow.  like right where my shoulder goes.  he has made it clear he specifically does not like men by his placement of urine.  i had no idea what cat urine smelled like until today, but i will not forget now.  good thing he did it because i had forgotten it was monday and would have just gone to sleep.  but now my wife and i are up doing laundry and i have something to write about.  happy april and opening day to all…we have some stories of our recent move so stay tun

1 Minute Monday, March 30th

Today I hthrew in another minor league spring training game and it wasn not one of those days where it seemed easy to pitch.  i felt like i was using balls that didn’t want to be caught and i had to pitch with those.  some days it just doesn’t go the way you’d like and i wasn’t as sharp as normal.  we are alsmost done with spring training and break camp her ein a few days.  not exactly sure where i’m going yet, but i hope i get another outing before we break camp later this w

1 Minute Monday, March 23rd

Oh boy this one’s gonna be tough to fit in to one minute.  Got my first call-up to back up a big league game today.  that means if the big league game goes in to extras or any of our pitchers gets hurt or has a high pitch count, some poor minor league guy with a number above 70 and no name on his back comes in to clean up the innings.  i was that guy today!  but i didn’t get in.  sounds like i will have the opportunity again tomorrow, so i can’t wait.  it’s fun to just 

1 Minute Monday, March 16th

Spring training is finally in full swing.   games have started. today we played canada.  or at least a team representing the country.  we won.  tomorrow is the first time i throw in a real game and i believe we play the rangers.  we play them about 20 times during camp because we share teh complex with them.  a thought that has been with me all day: do you signal when you drive througha  roundabout?  there’s one near our house and i’m always so confused on what to do

1 Minute Monday, March 9th

Every Monday from here on I plan to give a recap of what’s going on in my life both on and off the baseball field in under a minute.  I have a timer set up next to the computer and it’s ticking as we speak.  So enjoy the typos and terrible capilatization on mondays, because iwon’t have time to go back and fix antyhing.  Today was the first day of spring training.  about a thousand guys out there it seems.  i threw a bullpen and it went pretty well, that’s about all i can think of.  oh yeah, in my last post, if you caught it, i know how to spell “bawl”, it was a pu